Facilitating Internal Communication

Direct conversation with the different parts was often difficult in the early stages of Grouping Together. This may be due to amnesic barriers between the different personality parts. These barriers have been put in place in order to prevent vulnerable parts from getting overwhelmed by material that they were not able to deal with at that point.

Going back to the 'Energy Model' shows that these barriers remain as long as parts are unable or unwilling to stretch their emotional band-width. Once they are able to tolerate narratives and emotions that used to be felt only by other parts, communication and/or co-consciousness usually follows.

Clients used different aids to initiate internal communication, i.e. a journal, a tape recorder, or a notice board. Not every method suits everyone. It is important to experiment and find the most suitable way of aiding communication.

I would be doing something at work or I would be at home and had different aspects of self emerging at all different times. And the way to do it was to use the journal to actually have conversations (Sharon 1/13).

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