Integration: No Voices Anymore

Beach-1 One of the more noticeable signs of integration is the absence of internal voices. This experience was a huge change for clients after having had an ever present internal dialogue for most of their lives. Although during critical times in the earlier stages of their therapy clients often wish for the voices to stop, not having voices anymore – or only very infrequently – was accompanied for some with a deep sense of grief.

It is, it is very much becoming one. No voices anymore, parts coming together, no voices anymore…it’s a funny sensation. There are no voices anymore, but there is this weird sensation, you are all there together, but so united. There isn’t voices talking to each other or talking at you (Treena 2/3).

One thought on “Integration: No Voices Anymore

  1. jae says:

    Its true you long to have that quietness,To be the only voice you hear.I remember when i notice the first time it was quiet,it was realy weird,i think its like the first time you take your training wheels off your bike,you feel so big and brave until you fall off.Ilove life as it is now,i am part of it,i no my parts are all there with me i feel them.But right now i cant sleep through the silence.I miss the sound of my friends.I do hear them on and off,but im finding it so hard to discover what i like to wear,each part has its own distinct way of dressing,a certain job to do but now its all mixed up and i cant even work out what colours go together.My sense of dress is non exsistant.The big thing for me at the moment is who am i and when does it all settle donw.Ino im doing well cause i can live out my dreams i can hold them and achieve what i want to and put down what i dont want.But trying leave the house dressed as one person is more than a challenge.Iam stuck in the 70s – 2008 .I miss the sound of my friends.

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