Integration The consequence of the processes described in the stage COMING TOGETHER was to arrive at a sense of Integration.This came about when the client better understood what experiences the different personality parts had carried for the person and how traumatic events had shaped their tasks, beliefs, and behaviours. Integration occurred when the traumatic memories have been disseminated amongst all parts of the person and the related affect became re-associated.

Clients relied on the modeling of the therapist’s empathic stance in this interchange of understanding – believing – knowing – accepting – feeling. Again the therapist’s vital role was to initially provide observing ego-functions and to negotiate between personality parts.

Memories of traumatic events gradually became part of the person’s historical narrative, were given meaning within the person’s life-context, and shaped her/his self-understanding and self-beliefs about the nature of the world. Once Integration progressed, DID clients were more and more able to communicate with their inner system without the therapist’s help. Increasing co-consciousness allowed them to take on that function for themselves and they were able to re-associate the previously fragmented and split-off parts of the personality into a coherent sense of self. Functions of memory and perception were no longer divided amongst personality parts.

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