Carnival Edition September 2008

The first edition of the blog carnival is ready to be viewed. Go to the Carnival Homepage and check out the contributions for the September 2008 Edition.

This gives the opportunity to think about submitting a post for the next edition of the Carnival. The theme for October is "What helped the most – what helped the least". Again, submit your favorite blog-post for the topic – either your own post or someone elses – and we will post it in our October Edition.

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Blog Carnival: Recovery From Sexual Abuse

Girl with dandelionHi! This is the official site for the Blog Carnival: Recovery From Sexual Abuse.

You will find here the announcements for the upcoming editions, the topics, and the shortcuts to the previous editions.

You will find here the themes for the coming editions.  When the themes are converted into a link they lead you directly to the archive of editions already published!

September 2008 ……………General

October 2008 ………………What helped the most – what helped the least”

November 2008 …………….Parenting

Dec 08/Jan 09 ……………Partner, Lovers, Husbands

February 2009 …………….Shame

March 2009 ……………Issues of Male Survivors of CSA

April 2009 ………………….Dealing With Crisis

June 2009 …………………Self-Harm

July 2009                       “Sexual abuse and the Body”

September 08 Edition: General

Welcome to the September 30, 2008 edition of recovery from childhood sexual abuse. I am excited about the support this project has received and about the great submissions people have made.

Attachment and the Therapeutic Relationship posted at Secret Shadows, saying, “This article was written by myself as a survivor with DID. Professionally speaking, I also have a Masters Degree in Special Education: Emotional/Behavioral Disorders.”

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What To Do When Someone Discloses Sexual Abuse?

Caring For most people it's quite difficult to know what to do when someone discloses something that causes them great distress and pain. May that be a serious illness, a life changing loss, or a traumatic experience like sexual abuse. In a recent conversation with a group of nurses I have been asked how specifically do you give emotional support and care to someone who discloses sexual abuse. Following are responses that help survivors in their recovery:

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What To Do When Someone Discloses Sexual Abuse?

Research * has shown that survivors of sexual abuse often feel support and understanding is missing when they disclose having been abused. Research has also shown that survivors who are not getting appropriate support when they disclose having been abused are more prone to develop post traumatic stress symptoms and other psychiatric disturbances. It is obvious, that we need a new vision of how to engage with survivors of (child) sexual abuse if we want to avoid costly problems to develop:

  • for survivors because of a loss of quality of life and overall functioning
  • for society because of increase of social assistance needed and an increase in health costs.

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