Carnival Edition October 2008: What helped-what didn’t

The October 2008 edition of the Blog Carnival "Recovery From Sexual Abuse" is now out. The topic was 'What helped, what didn't help'. Although this month's carnival was hampered by difficulties the blog carnival people had with their website, I have received many interesting submissions.

Go to the blog carnival "Recovery from Sexual Abuse" homepage and read the blog posts that have been submitted by readers.

The deadline for the November Edition is the 25th of November. The Subject is about how sexual abuse survivors cope with the issue of PARENTING!. Feel free to submit your own blog posts or from someone else's blog. You can also submit comments you've made on someone's posts.

I can't wait to see what people have found.

October 08 Edition: What Helped – What Didn’t Help

Welcome to the October 31, 2008 edition of recovery from childhood sexual abuse. Inspite the fact that the carnival site was frequently off line this month there have been some brilliant submissions for the reader to enjoy!

What I Learned at Timberlawn posted at Secret Shadows. This blog post describes the experiences of attending an intensive therapy program at Timberlawn hospital. The reader learns about the struggle as well as the benefits of the writer's stay.

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