Beyond the Tears: A True Survivor Story

Beyond tears
A true story, Beyond the Tears begins with the suicide attempt
of an abused and addicted twenty-five-year-old woman. In the aftermath,
she commits to counseling to recover from anxiety and depression. The
author engages the reader in the therapy sessions, where the young
woman reveals dysfunctional family relationships, including mental
illness, domestic violence, and sexual abuse. The reader not only views
the horrors that caused the author's hopeless condition, but also
experiences the wisdom that lead to health and happiness.

Due to the therapeutic process, the woman discovers a path to love
and the value of life, and she ultimately achieves a life that reflects
health and happiness. By sharing the problems and solutions discussed
in counseling, the author provides a message of hope. Beyond the Tears
is listed at the National Sexual Violence Resource Center.

About the author:
Lynn C. Tolson lived her first eighteen years in the Northeast. She
then moved to the Southwest where she engaged in careers in real estate
and property management. During those years, she survived
post-traumatic stress disorder, which manifested in addictions and
suicide attempts. Through the therapeutic process, she determined the
causes of her dysfunction, and was able to achieve a life that reflects
health and happiness.

Her memoir, Beyond the Tears: A True Survivor's Story, illustrates
physical, emotional, and spiritual transformation. Tolson lived in the
Midwest where she returned to college in her forties to obtain a degree
in social work. She resides in the Rocky Mountain region with her
husband and two West Highland White Terriers. She is writing a book
about her breast cancer experience, including using art as a healing

Read more about Lynn, her book, and her fight against sexual abuse on her website

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    Thank you for mentioning my memoir Beyond the Tears: A True Survivor’s Story. I’d like to let everyone know that it is available in e-book version at the above link. Sincerely, author Lynn C. Tolson

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