Courage in Patience: By Beth Fehlbaum

Courage in patience
Ashley Nicole Asher’s life changes forever on the night her mother,
Cheryl, meets Charlie Baker. Within a year of her mother’s marriage to
Charlie, typical eight-year-old Ashley’s life becomes a nightmare of
sexual abuse and emotional neglect. Bundling her body in blankets and
sleeping in her closet to try to avoid Charlie's nighttime assaults,
she is driven by rage at age 14 to to tell her mother, in spite of the
threats Charlie has used to keep Ashley silent. Believing that telling
will make Charlie go away, instead it reveals to Ashley where she lies
on her mother's list of priorities.

 “We’re just going to move on now,” Cheryl tells Ashley. “Go to
your room.”  Ashley's psyche splinters into shards of glass, and she
desperately tries to figure a way out, while at the same time battling
numbness and an inability to remember what happened when she blacked
out after Charlie tackled her. She knew that when she awoke her clothes
were disheveled and the lower-half of her body was covered in bright
red blood– but she has only a blank spot in the "video" of her memory.

 When Ashley’s friend, Lisa, sees a note from Cheryl telling
Ashley that Charlie would never “do those things to her,” and insisting
that she apologize for accusing him of molesting her, Lisa forces dazed
Ashley to make an outcry to her teacher, Mrs. Chapman.

 By the end of the day, Ashley’s father, David, who has not seen
Ashley since she was three months old,  is standing in the offices of
Child and Family Services. He brings her home to the small East Texas
town of Patience, where he lives with his wife, Beverly, their son,
Ben, and works with his brother, Frank. Its neighboring town, Six
Shooter City, is so quirky, it's practically on the cusp of an
alternate universe; a trip to the Wal-Mart reveals to visitors that
"there's either something in the water..or family trees around here
don't fork."

  Through the summer school English class/ Quest for Truth taught by
Beverly, an "outside-the-box" high school English teacher whose passion
for teaching comes second only to her insistence upon authenticity,
Ashley comes to know Roxanne Blake, a girl scarred outwardly by a
horrific auto crash and inwardly by the belief that she is "Dr.
Frankenstein's little experiment";

 Wilbur "Dub" White, a fast-talking smart mouth whose stepfather is
a white supremacist who nearly kills a man while Dub watches from the
shadows, forcing Dub to realize that he cannot live with the person
that he is, any longer;

 Zaquoiah “Z.Z.” Freeman, one of the few African-Americans in
Patience, whose targeted-for-extinction family inherited the estate of
one of Patience’s founding families and has been given the charge to
"turn this godforsaken town on its head";

 Hector "Junior" Alvarez, a father at sixteen whose own father was
killed in prison, who works two jobs and is fueled by the determination
to "do it right" for his son, "3", and his girlfriend, Moreyma;
Griffin, whose football-coach father expects him to be Number One at
everything, and whose mother naively believes that he is too young to
think about sex; and

  Kevin Cooper, a not-so-bright football player with a heart of
gold, whose mother, Trini, a reporter for the local paper, is
instrumental in exposing the ugliness that is censorship.

 Every person in the class is confronted with a challenge that they
must face head-on. The choices they make will not be easy—but they will
be life-altering. With the exception of her mother and step-father,
Ashley is surrounded by people who overcome their fear to embrace
authenticity and truth– the only way to freedom. But will Ashley  have
the inner-fortitude to survive the journey to recovery and the effects
of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder? Will Ashley find her voice, speak up
for herself, and break the bondage of her abusive past?

 Realizing "she's gonna need a lot more than we have," David and Bev
enlist the help of Scott "Dr. Matt" Matthews, an experienced, slightly
unconventional therapist who insists that Ashley can and must come out
hiding in the closet in her mind.

 The Chris Crutcher novel, Ironman, is taught by Beverly Asher in
the summer school class. When T.W.’s overbearing parents read the book,
they decide that the book should be censored, and they involve the
pastor of Patience’s largest, most conservative church to lead the
fight through the Purify Patience organization. Its mission is to
cleanse Patience of Profanity, Promiscuity, and Parent-Bashing
Pedagogy—all complaints the group has about the novel, Ironman. Its
hidden agenda, however, is to return Patience to a time when "Patience
was 100% white", "women knew their place","everyone had plenty of
money", and "Christian values were taught in school." 

 The censoring, pseudo-Christian, white-supremacist, misogynist
organization is exposed for what it is in a courageous move by one of
its own (well..his mother threatens to twist his ear off if he doesn't
speak up), isolating the pastor and causing most of his “flock” to deny
they ever knew him. National and world press attention shine
speculation on the dirty little secrets hidden in Patience, and its
inhabitants are forced to examine their own values and beliefs.

 Alone in the dark,  Ashley must face her worst fears in a pivotal
scene between her, Charlie, and her mother. Will Ashley, like her
friends, find courage in Patience?

Short Bio:

Beth Fehlbaum, an experienced English teacher,  drew on her
experiences as a teacher and as a survivor of childhood sexual abuse to
craft the fictional story of a teen girl's first foray into recovery
from sexual abuse. She wrote Courage in Patience to give hope to anyone
who has to face their greatest fears and find out what they're made

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Kunati, Inc.
"A publisher to watch"- Booklist

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