Understanding DID

‘Understanding’ is probably one of the most important parts
of DID recovery. Therapists need to understand trauma, dissociation, and sexual
abuse. Most of all, therapists need to be able to ‘think or feel’ themselves
into the lived experience of having multiple parts. That is not always easy. I
have been told by many Multiples, clients and research participants alike, that
finding a health professional or therapist who understands, is rather more like
a ‘lucky dip’ than something that can be expected. The mental health field is riddled
with skepticism, prejudice, and profound lack of understanding about the phenomenon
of DID and the treatment needs of Multiples.  

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Celebrate Multiplicity

I have been thinking of the many faces people have, or the many hats people wear. Being a multiple often means you struggle with these, because they may come into being at very inopportune times. That reminded me of a song I've heard some time ago and went to look it up on UTube. Enjoy listen to it – you might even want to dance to it! Celebrate Multiplicity … its more normal thank you think!


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Friends Inside & Out

Teddy bears Pictures, Images and PhotosHow about you get together with a friend – either from the inside or from the people around you and have some fun time … or cuddly time?

I found these two Teddies and thought, how much fun must it be to snuggle up with a cute blanket.

How about you come up with some ideas and tell me about them? I'd love to hear what people are up to!

February 09 Edition: Shame

Welcome to the February 27, 2009 edition of recovery from childhood sexual abuse.This edition was dedicated to exploring issues of sexual abuse and shame. The link between shame and the silence around sexual abuse was often made, as were their terrible consequences.  I would like to thank
all readers for their contributions. I trust you will have an interesting read and I am looking forward reading your feedback if you have any!

Coming Home posted at Everyone Needs Therapy, saying, "It's about rape, really." TherapyDoc writes a challenging blogpost about sexual boundary violations. Don't miss reading it!

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