Friends Inside & Out

Teddy bears Pictures, Images and PhotosHow about you get together with a friend – either from the inside or from the people around you and have some fun time … or cuddly time?

I found these two Teddies and thought, how much fun must it be to snuggle up with a cute blanket.

How about you come up with some ideas and tell me about them? I'd love to hear what people are up to!


  1. hurting so much right now

    • My heart goes out to you – take good care of your’s and see whether you can get in touch with a friend – inside or outside.

  2. I am glad you like it. Its a good thing to be able to snuggle up with you inside friends. It can make everyone feel a bit safer and not so lonely! 🙂 Enjoy it as often as you can.

  3. i find this is on here today this is good of some of us today we can not go out every thing is just mess and it look bad do not like people looking and so then need to hid we have blanket and stuffys as well it like ev ery body out side is really hard and it just to hard to be seeing any one becuase that they can see

  4. nat donot need anyway an i am not alone

  5. I can understand that – hugs can be very uncomfortable and sometimes even scary. I hope you have other ways how people you trust and care about can show you that you are not alone! 🙂

  6. arthar

    wel we donot lik um

  7. Secret Shadows

    My younger alters love this post of yours. They like hugs and snuggles. Growing up those were too few. (Approriate, “no strings attached” hugs, that is)
    Secret Shadows

  8. K of IvoryInanity

    I was actually talking to our therapist this morning about hugs!
    I’m a big fan of hugs. For a long time I’ve had this ‘5 hug theory’. It’s very similar to that saying “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. See, I’ve said for a long time that “5 hugs a day keeps the shrink away”. It works just about as well… I mean, an apple a day isn’t actually going to stop you from ever needing to see a doctor. But it will have positive effects on your general health. And in the same vein, I think that 5 safe, wanted hugs a day work absolute wonders for your mood and mental health.
    So yeah. I like hugs. There’s just so much you can both give and receive from a simple hug – love, compassion, care, protection, safety…

  9. Hi Carole, I hope you have a therapist who helps you to ground yourself so that you start dissociating less. In the meantime: here comes the hug …
    Take care

  10. Carole

    We all need a hug right now-not feeling so well….dissociating too much….

  11. uznco

    OH….so cute!!!

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