How To Build Trust

Davinci How can you go about building trust? When you don’t trust anybody at all, it might seem like an unachievable task. I want to look at building trust from a practical, pragmatic point in the hope that it might give you some hands-one ideas how to go about it. Trust will develop in any group or team when

•    The team is successful and reaches the goals they set themselves
The most important pointer for people in recovery is that they achieve progress. Without having a sense that things improve it will be difficult to keep being motivated. When everyone becomes aware that progress is achieved, they will not only trust the process, but also trust each other and the ‘team-leader’.

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Enjoying Spring Time

JumpingFrogWith the month of May not being far away, most places experience now much warmer weather. Is the sun calling you to go outside and have some fun – maybe even get your hands dirty from mud-pie?

Have you ever watched frogs playing in a creek or lake? Do you have the opportunity to see some other animals?I'd love to hear from you. It's lots of fun to look for animals.

You could even do some drawings with a whole farm yard full of animals.If you send me a picture that you made (drawn or photo), I will post it here for everyone to enjoy! 🙂

Chick_-_Cartoon_1               Cow_-_Cartoon_7

Trust and be Trusted

Hands-onpsychopathy-2 As some of you may know, I am in the process of putting all my material about DID and recovery into a book form, so that ideas explored in this blog, from my practice, and from research (my own and others) can be integrated to form a functional whole. As I was working on that project over the weekend, I started thinking about trust and the meaning of trust for Multiples.

Stripped of all it’s bells and frills, trusting another person means that we believe they will act according to the positive expectation we have of him or her. To some degree, trust seems always to be linked to making a leap of faith. And if people have been hurt, when they feel their reasonable expectation of care, respect, support, or appreciation has not been met, trust becomes more shake. In most cases it’ll take some time and some doing for trust to be re-establish.

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March 09 Edition: Issues of Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse

Welcome to the March 31, 2009 edition of recovery from childhood sexual abuse.This edition was dedicated to exploring issues of male survivors of sexual
abuse have to deal with. It was intriguing for me to notice the gender divide when it comes to surviving sexual abuse. Blogs that were submitted here seem to deal either with issues concerning women or concerning men.

Having read all the submitted blog posts I am sure that both men and women will find the articles interesting – and at times disturbing. There is a lot to do in the fight to stop child sexual abuse. As always, a special THANK YOU to all readers for their contributions. I trust you will
have an interesting read and I am looking forward reading your feedback
if you have any!

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