Finding A Safe Place – Part 2

Madonna and Child Before Molly and Caretaker went up the stairs that had been hacked into the tree trunk Caretaker made sure that all the entrances to the tree were securely closed. Up in the crown they stepped onto the wide landing from which solid wooden doors led to the rooms. Here Muma awaited Molly and took her into her soft big arms. ‘Sweetie, come to Muma. I have a cup of hot chocolate for you and then it’s time to go to bed’.  Molly loved Muma. She had a big wobbly tummy and everywhere you touched her she had lots of soft, fleshy bits. No sharp bony bits sticking out and hurting you like the Mammy person has. Everything was soft and warm and you could just let yourself fall into her.

After Molly had her chocolate drink Muma put her to bed in the pink room which was the girls nursery. They had to be quiet not to wake the other kids. Muma made sure that everyone was safely tugged in under their blankets. She gave Molly her the little stuffed rabbit and left the pink room. It was a long hard day and Muma was tired. Fatigue had taken over her body filling her limbs with the heaviness of lead weights. But the day’s work was not done yet. She quickly turned to the left and went up the flight of six stairs to the large common room. Star had called a meeting for the six group leaders of the Tree People Muma, Caretaker, Star, Josey, Christal, and Vincent. Everyone else, except Caretaker, was already there. Caretaker had gone down the tree again to make sure the body was alright. They can rely on him. He will stay and holding watch all night.

In the common room Star had already told the others what had happened with the new therapist. Muma looked around when she entered the room. Star had put a lot of cushions on the floor so that everyone had something to sit on. She looked tired. Being out and controlling the body took all her energy. Star is the not used to be out. She is the angel on the inside. When the body was very little, Anna was preying to God to send an angel to look after her. Star is the answer to these prayers. She is holding everything that is good and benign. She is holding the thread of consciousness. She knows everything that happened. She knows everything that goes on for others – everything they feel and everything they think. She holds the information but not the feelings. Everybody listens to what Star says. Correction: almost everyone.

Vincent has been pacing the room nervously. Muma could see how worried he was when he said: ‘I can see a lot of problems coming from going back to therapy.  The kids will be all over the place, they will be reminded of all the bad stuff that happened – just see how little was needed today for Molly to end up tied at the tree again’. I don’t know whether counselling is a good idea. We’ve been doing ok, haven’t we?  I don’t know if I can keep everyone safe’. Amadeus and the Darkside will feed on the emotional chaos and get stronger and stronger and we might not be able to stop Anna from taking her life’.

‘I could see whether I could put some of the kids 'to sleep’, Muma suggested, it could help. Star shuck her head. ‘No, it wouldn’t work. A lot of therapy work involves the kids so that they can stop hurting. It’s their hurting that sets most problems into motion’. But Muma was not going to give in so easily. She knew that the kids had more resources than the older one’s gave them credit for. She was just about to suggest that Sunny could be the bridge between the kids and the therapist when Crystal got up and put a stop to the conversation. ‘We can’t really do anything just yet. We don’t know how things will turn out, whether Anna will stay with the therapist, what Amadeus is planning, and how the kids will respond. All we can do is making sure that we are on full alert to step in as soon as we are needed. I think we should all go to sleep and get some rest. We all need it to be ready for what is coming'.

2 thoughts on “Finding A Safe Place – Part 2

  1. robert 2 says:

    -blushes brightly-
    my children are so much like this. we started therapy again recently and there are issues of safety and trust but we are doing what we can to make sure that we stay safe. Visualizing what our world looks like is a bit difficult as our world is not too terribly safe right now, but for them i try.
    There are numerous ways i tell them that they ( my littles and the council ) are important, but the main way is trying to stay safe and staying alive. It makes me smile when i see them up and interacting with each other and the world around them. However i also get seriously frightened as well
    Thank You for this post and please please please share another part from this story … it helps.

  2. jae....... says:

    I love this post and the knew way you are allowing people to discover and learn about multiplicity, I feel my system becomming more alive, especialy the child parts.Children from a young age discover knew hights of there own potentual through the gift of there imagination, Through creating and visualising there own reality helps them to stretch out of there comfort zones and try on knew hats with in keeping themselves in control of there safety (much like a child putting on a Superman outfit, quiet little sam becomes boistrous and strong allowing him to stand up for himself.) I think for myself,my parts are reading and re reading to make more understanding of themselves with in the system.It feels exciting to find yourself to be similar to others in somebody elses story. There are no clinical boundries, no wrongs to put right.Instead of having to study and make sense of… on a head level I am feeling the awareness of my parts and the joy I am feeling to have them back. It magnifies the importance of everyones position within me.

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