How To Protect Your Child From Sexual Abuse


This month's Sexual Abuse Recovery Blog Carnival has the theme of PARENTING! One
of the pleasures of running the carnival is that I get to visit quite a
lot of blogs and web pages that I would otherwise not come across. I
suppose, every time I see a submission, I go and check the site out and
… as you do … get a little bit into web surfing.

I found these statistics on the Australian Site Darkness To Light .
This site gives lots of practical information about preventing children
to be sexually abused. It worth checking out. So here the stats that
hopefully convince people to become active on our children's behalf!!!!

  • 70-80% of sexual abuse survivors report excessive drug and alcohol use. 
  • One study showed that among male survivors, 50% have suicidal thoughts and more than 20% attempt suicide. 
  • Young girls who are sexually abused are more likely to develop eating disorders as adolescents. 
  • More than 60% of teen first pregnancies are preceded by experiences
    of molestation, rape or attempted rape. The average age of the
    offenders is 27 years old. 
  • Approximately 40% of sex offenders report sexual abuse as children. 
  • Both males and females who have been sexually abused are more
    likely to engage in prostitution. Approximately 70% of sexual offenders
    of children have between 1 and 9 victims; 20-25% have 10 to 40 victims. 
  • Serial child molesters may have as many as 400 victims in their lifetimes.

You may
think "It doesn't happen in my family" – well, the likelihood is that
you know several other people who have been sexually abused. The bad
news is that you can't tell if someone is an abuser. They don't come
with a label on their forehead.

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