SELF LOVE discussed in February Edition of Blog Carnival “Recover From Sexual Abuse”

Kid pusteblume The upcoming edition of the Blog Carnival "Recovery from sexual abuse" will cover SELF LOVE as an important aspect of recovery and healing. Contributions are invited that explore the meaning and importance of self love, the difficulties people encounter in their attempt to love all parts of themselve, and how they achieve self love. Follow this link to post your contribution. You can nominate an interesting blog article you've read somewhere or one you've wrote yourself.

7 thoughts on “SELF LOVE discussed in February Edition of Blog Carnival “Recover From Sexual Abuse”

  1. Jessica says:

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    Thankyou UZNCO. I do like the metaphor of the
    troddengrass path. We have a place in the Far North by the coast, and the
    way up from the beach is a steep grass path and if it hasnt been trodden for a
    while it just disappears under the regrowth. To find it again is always learning
    the way again and each time it is a little different a little easier, perhaps
    not so steep. But I am always looking for another way down that is not so
    difficult. a new way may be longer, but you are right, it would be my way not
    the old established, unquestioned way. Thanks for the link. I will read
    carefully when I have more time, at the moment I must get to work.

  2. uznco says:

    Hi Jessica it is really hard but here is a link to One of Angela Sheltons site called survivor manual. She has load of tips but although she doesn’t specifically speak about DID stuff. But the stuff she says definately does help. here is the link
    Also there is alot of stuff on here. But changing those thought patterns is one of the keys… actually a major key. We have to make new pathways in our brain by telling ourselves new things over and over again! So that when something happens it automatically goes to the new pathways and not the old ones. Think of a pathway through long grass when you walk over it again and again it stays trodden down but if you start walking a different way over and over again the new one will become the way to walk as the other one will just get grown over. Thats what we have to do in our brains. I heard this on the radio today and yesterday and its very scientific. Gudrun might even have some of this on this site if not maybe you could ask her to do so. Take care hun!!!

  3. Jessica says:

    I would like to know more, share, and hear others views, on how we, as childhood receivers of sexual abuse, still hang on to BELIEFS that are outdated, not now relevant, not even true, yet still intrude and undermine our lives without us necessarily being even aware. How do we identify and change these beliefs, such as those about being essentially bad, or dirty, hopeless, useless, fat, ugly, etc.. How do we learn to see ourselves anew, without loosing the sense of our (multiple) selves and their importance to our makeup?

  4. Gudrun Frerichs, PhD says:

    Thanks for the compliment and for submitting your ‘HUGS’ post. I hope lots of people will go and read it on your blog – it has touched me! I am always amazed about the creative ways in which children cope. 🙂 Gudrun

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