Dealing with the lack of memories

Waterdrop When it comes to memories of abuse or neglect, dealing with them becomes an important part of therapy – especially when survivors are flooded with memories and find it hard or even impossible to get some relief from them.

It appears to be similarly difficult to cope with the lack of memories. People may have a feeling, body sensations, or sense of having experienced abuse, but no picture or coherent story they can access.

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Forgivenessao4 Forgiveness is an interesting issue and readers have commented lots on posts touching on forgiveness (see comments here). It seems that to forgive is very difficult. I know, it has been a difficult issue in my recovery. I never felt compelled to forgive my abusers because it felt I would let them off the hook. It felt they would get away with having hurt me. I wouldn't have any of that! Instead I had phantasies of them regretting their actions and understanding the impact of their actions.

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Sexual Abuse Survivor’s Support Group

Happy sign It's a new year and for those who live in the Auckland/North Shore region, Raeburn House is running the support group 'Moving Past Sexual Abuse" again for this year. Here are the details:

When: Thursdays, 8 weeks, starts 11 February
7:00pm – 9:00pm
Total Cost:
Gudrun Frerichs

This group creates a safe community of women who share their experiences to recover from the affects of abuse and transform them into strengths. Covers issues of safety, trust, boundaries, assertiveness, self-esteem, relationships, sexuality, and intimacy.

For more information contact Raeburn House, phone: (09) 441 8989 or email

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