Emotional Literacy


How do you know that you are using your emotions most effectively in your life? You will be on your way to emotional choice when you are able to experience a wide range of emotions and you begin to understand what each of these emotions communicates to you. The crucial point could well be to see emotions as meaningful information about how to improve your life rather than seeing them as random blows delivered to you by a hostile environment. (Click on the picture to see an enlarged wheel of emotions).Continue reading here

2 thoughts on “Emotional Literacy

  1. uznco says:

    So, how do you see these emotions as meaningful information to improve your life when all they seem to do is disrupt your life? Especially rage, loathing (is that hate) and terror??? Like is it best to acknowledge and work on the Lightest shade emotion so it doesn’t get to the deepest shade??? Trouble is often its too late by the time it gets to the deepest shade isn’t it????

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