ACC’s Wall of Shame

Psychotherapists and counsellors have collected stories of mishandling of claims since the implementation of the new clinical pathway. It's a long long list which is published on my blogs in two installments. It would be good if people would reach inside themselves and find a fighting spirit. It's not right, it's not OK, and survivors have the right to demand that they get a fair treatment.

You'll find part I of the list HERE , covering incidences 1-52,  and part II of the list of mishandlings HERE covering incidences 53-90.

Nick Smith’s Mismanagement Hurts CSA Survivors

V8922B Read the latest media release from Labour MP Lynne Pillay about the trauma survivors of sexual abuse have to deal with in the aftermath of the implimentation of ACC's New Clinical Pathway.

Parotting over and over again that this new pathway is designed to improve services for CSA, Peter Jensen from ACC has yet (6 month after introducing the new clinical pathway) to provide a clear-cut statement how ACC is going to achieve that. Obviously, the 'media advisors' from the government and ACC have not managed to identify HOW the new pathway is going to benefit survivors.

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Action Against ACC Funding Cuts For Counselling

Sunflower Nick Smith, Minister for ACC, has promised an independent review after 6 months from implementation of the new clinical pathway ACC has pushed through inspite of wideranging protest from survivors and clinicians working with survivors alike. Sofar nothing seems to have been organised and the action group (therapists, counsellors, psychologists, doctors, psychiatrists, social workers and more) is still waiting for information about how the review will be conducted, who will conduct it, and what will be the reference points.

Those who have followed my reports about ACC will have cottoned on that I am mighty frustrated with the whole thing. I certainly don't think that we have been told the ugly truth yet about the scheming and hidden agenda that drove the government and ACC to act as they have. One thing is certain, it has nothing to do with improving services for survivors.

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Re-enactment of Trauma

Self harm Yesterday a comment had been posted asking whether it is OK to discussĀ self-abuse on this site. I had a look through my postings so far and did not find any specifically addressing self-harming issues. I thought it’s a very important issue for many survivors and will start off with some excerpts from the book ‘Traumatic Stress’ by B.v.d.Kolk et all.:

“One set of behaviour that is not mentioned in diagnostic criteria for PTSD is the compulsive re-exposure of some traumatised individuals to situations reminiscent of the trauma. This phenomenon can be seen in a wider range of taumatised populations.For example combat soldiers may become mercenaries, abused women may be attracted to men who mistreat them, sexually molested children may grow up to become prostitutes.

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