6 Tips to Reduce Stress

Beach I have just discovered a great blog about PTSD with very useful articles, one of which was about how to deal with the stress caused by PTSD. It's based on the fact that stress is caused by elevated cortisol levels in the blood and the article lists a number of things you can do to lower your cortisol levels. Here it goes …

1. Mediation lowers the cortisol level by 20%

2. Sleeping (good 8 hours rest) lowers the levels by 50%

3. Dinking black tea leads to a reduction of cortisol by 47%

4. Going out with a funny friend reduces cortisol by 39%

5. Having a massage takes care of 31% reduction of cortisol

6. Spiritual activity reduces cortisol by 25%.

The articles quotes research that came up with these findings. So, if you find your present stress level is too high, make sure you have a good sleep, then meet up with a funny friend(s) and so some silly stuff while drinking some black tea. That should take care of the bad stress for you!

If you want to read some more, go to my articles under the category stress here!

2 thoughts on “6 Tips to Reduce Stress

  1. not telling who this is says:

    Stress busters. sometimes even good tips like this don’t cut the mustard. I don’t know why I want to write all this down. maybe it’s because I don’t have many other outlets. But … here’s a bad day. Went back to exercise class today after two months off. rest of the class had progressed and I (fat and flabby) couldn’t do a thing except collapse on the floor. Afterwards went to check bank ballance…$000.00 Supermarket was a no go. Went to library, library card was lost. could’nt even settle down for a good read. Came home and ruined 3 paintings (my stupid fault, rushing, not careful, panicking, racing against time) So no paintings to put in the show this weekend. Hours of work gone to waste. And they were good too, some of the better work I have done. I’m feeling rather flat. Made dinner out of scraps in the fridge, a good effort i thought… find out that no one will be home for dinner. Could have had a boiled egg! Sat down with half a glass of red wine, all that’s left in the bottle, reach for the tv remote and knock it over. It’s amazing how far a small glass of red wine splashes. cleaning it up I realise how dirty my floor is …but I stop short of getting out the mop. It’s too early to go to bed and it’s raining outside. It’s times like this that I feel like giving up. but somehow I know I won’t.

  2. uznco says:

    Wow!!! Awesome!!! Will have to make sure I do that – SOON!!! Hey I wonder if it matters what kind of tea… don’t really like tea except Chai!!! Well I hope that you have done that today or will be doing it soon!!! hehe!!!

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