6 Tips to Reduce Stress

Beach I have just discovered a great blog about PTSD with very useful articles, one of which was about how to deal with the stress caused by PTSD. It's based on the fact that stress is caused by elevated cortisol levels in the blood and the article lists a number of things you can do to lower your cortisol levels. Here it goes …

1. Mediation lowers the cortisol level by 20%

2. Sleeping (good 8 hours rest) lowers the levels by 50%

3. Dinking black tea leads to a reduction of cortisol by 47%

4. Going out with a funny friend reduces cortisol by 39%

5. Having a massage takes care of 31% reduction of cortisol

6. Spiritual activity reduces cortisol by 25%.

The articles quotes research that came up with these findings. So, if you find your present stress level is too high, make sure you have a good sleep, then meet up with a funny friend(s) and so some silly stuff while drinking some black tea. That should take care of the bad stress for you!

If you want to read some more, go to my articles under the category stress here!

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