Survivors Experience with the new ACC Pathway


Kid boy Survivors have spoken out about their experiences with the new clinical pathway introduced by ACC in October 2009. We are still collecting responses, so if you haven't taken the survey yet, go to the survey page and fill it out. The results from this survey will be presented to the Review Panel appointed by the Minister for ACC, Nick Smith. In total 103 survivors have filled out the survey. In the following you can read their answers to the question "Comment on your overall experience with the New ACC pathway": 

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Do you have to hurt to heal?

Wild flowers  Someone has told me yesterday how hard it is to see other people hurt. That on top of your own struggle with hurting, hoping and intermittently wanting to give up, is a roller coaster that has many survivors walking along a thin line between surviving and not surviving.

Everyone has heard the proverb "It has to get worse before it gets better". That's of course not always the case, but, in general, that's the way it works. I believe, that's the way it has to work. It's part of the healing process. Let me explain:

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