A Hole in the Soul

Crying boy The summit last June has created quite a bit of ripples and has been noticed not just in New Zealand, but also overseas. The following post is by a survivor who would have loved to be able to attend. She offered her 'Hole in the Soul' story as a way of supporting our aim to empower and inspire survivors.

"Once upon a time there was a little boy. He had a terrible headache. He knew why he had a headache. There were people in his life who were very wounded. These people spread their pain wherever they went.

The little boy needed help, but no one seemed to understand. He was just a little boy. He didn’t know what to do. Fear, rage, pain, sorrow… it was too much for a little boy. He pushed it all deep inside. The deeper he pushed it, the more his head ached.

It would not stop.

One day he came upon a wise man. He told the man about the bad things that had happened to him. He told him about his terrible headache. He asked the wise man if he knew how to make the headache go away.


The wise man looked into the boy’s eyes. He said, If you stand in the sun with your eyes closed, you will be able to see inside your soul.” He took the boy by the hand and led him outside. “Try it,” he coaxed. ….

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4 thoughts on “A Hole in the Soul

  1. Shen says:

    Thank you so much for including my story here. It feels really wonderful to be able to reach out to people who understand what I’ve been through – people more like me than different – on the other side of the world. But, I guess you already know how that feels. 🙂
    I’ll make it to NZ one of these days.

  2. S says:

    Sometimes I feel as if it is our soul that is still intact and it is everything else that is broken. Our soul is the essence of a before life that is a gift, even if we have lost sight of it, it still pulsates with innermost love and if we find our soul deep down inside ourselves then it is so precious and fragile we must protect it at all costs and nurture it and it is what our various parts will eventually sink into, like into a deep warm pool and find peace. I loved that story, the imagery was so comforting and reassuring. I hope the part who doesn’t yet have hope, will find it. my heart reaches out.

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