Sexual abuse survivors have increased of psychiatric disorders

Der Schrei New research finds that a history of sexual abuse, regardless of the victim's gender or age when the abuse occurred, correlates strongly with a lifetime diagnosis of multiple psychiatric disorders.

In the July issue of Mayo Clinic Proceedings, researchers report that a history of sexual abuse is associated with suicide attempts, post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety disorders, depression, and eating and sleep disorders. Additionally, associations between sexual abuse and depression, eating disorders, and post-traumatic stress disorder were strengthened by a history of rape.

Read the full article here:
Sexual abuse survivors have increased of psychiatric disorders.

5 thoughts on “Sexual abuse survivors have increased of psychiatric disorders

  1. Tats says:

    The longer people are left to perpetuate the myths created by sexual abuse the stronger these myths become.
    We teach these great programmes on sexual abuse from the time kids enter kindergarten but unless we teach family and people who work with children to listen and be willing to open their eyes and ears to the hard things it changes nothing.

  2. SnS says:

    Its not rocket science is it, Child of sexual abuse,Raped as a teenager, Oh yes, that equals Bipolar with Borderline trates. Treatment: life on Medication, a little bit of ECT for desert and mix it all together with a bit of long rests in mental institutes,
    No therapy needed as that results in attention seeking, and fostering unhealthy relationships,

  3. Lisa says:

    Interestingly enough from working in the mental health service I have found those with a history of sexual abuse who have developed a psychiatric disorder are more often than not people who never received timely support and counselling services following the assault. I think that would be a more telling research to do and one ACC would be better invested to commission. How to prevent life long psychiatric disorders following sexual assault.

  4. Shen says:

    It makes sense to me… it is so hard to process sexual abuse because it’s so hard to talk about it. It is full of secrecy and shame. In my case, I didn’t even talk about it with myself… I hid it inside and denied it for most of my life.
    If you have a chance to look at my post from today… well, it was a big deal for me. Maybe it would be helpful to someone else, too.

  5. Sophie says:

    This piece of research needs to be sent to ACC!!! I find it hard that this is classified as NEW research. Hasnt it been known for a long time the correlation between abuse and psychiatric disorders. Hopefully the fact it is published from the Mayo Clinic, it may have more influence on those who deny the long term effects of abuse. How any one in their right mind could deny a person who has suffered abuse counselling is beyond me.

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