Does Counselling Work?

 Hands The other day, on my way to town, I listened to talk-back radio questioning the counselling industry and wanting to hear from listeners whether counselling ever worked for them. Listening to some of the comments made, I was amazed how quickly people are prepared to judge without bothering to do at least some research, looking for facts, or doing at least some sort of deeper thinking.

Counselling and counsellors have been the target for much ridicule and sarcastic comments for many years. In a society that puts a lot of emphasis on being successful, showing no weaknesses, and appearing spotless, having to go to a counsellor must mean for many people the ultimate declaration of personal failure and weakness.

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  1. It must be hard to hear things like that. I hope you know not to take it to heart. The good you and other caring counselors do can’t be measured. My life has been completely turned around – my life saved, really – and I owe it to my amazing counselor. I believe there are many more like me out there. Sadly, it is always the squeaky wheel that gets heard, however. Those of us who are happy are not bothering to call in to complain on the radio!

  2. solo

    what a beautiful photo Gudrun!

  3. Thanks for pointing out that the link was broken. It should work now! 🙂

  4. Where is the rest of this article ‘Does therapy work?’ we can only access the first bit.

  5. lost

    I really related to the feeling of not being able to get back out of it (your description of the straw hole) I am always struggling with this and when i think of dropping out i get a horrible feeling in my chest.
    I feel under so much pressure. I know it doesn’t make sense but the thing that won’t stop in my head is that I either have to stop therapy or die. I have such pressure to stop therapy and finish by the end of the year. I don’t know where therapy is leading and if it’s a good thing or if I am indulging in madness. I keep feeling like I should die and that I will find out how bad and screwed up in my head I am and I will just want to die. It’s scary to keep going and also scary to stop. I don’t like looking at things and asking why. Like was that losing time? just because I am wearing something different? or its another time? Am I supposed to know all the details of every day every minute and every place and everything? What’s normal? Or am I just making it abnormal. What would it mean if I were to get some details? that would leave you having to take on a whole lot of shit yourself. Asking for help is really going to mean having someone tell you what to do to help yourself and they may think that that’s helping but they might not realize what that means your taking on. Things can just be really really complicated and not everyone can be helped. And if your dum and get sucked in and think that people can help then that help can actually get you in more trouble. You shouldnt take some things and some people on its not smart.

  6. Mad

    I agree that counselling is worthwhile and am in the process myself at the moment. I’m not sure if the people who are able to just drop out or find new counsellors are in the situation I’m in. My personal view is that the process is a bit like putting your finger into a straw hole. It’s relatively simple to do it but it hurts to get your finger out again. At the times when I think of dropping out, I feel a huge emotional pain at the thought of then having to grieve the loss of my counsellor. Perhaps that’s a sign of a good connection. I’m not sure. Yes we have more work to do but the therapeutic relationship is one that I would rather not have entered into – again, maybe that’s an indication that I’m where I need to be.

  7. shirley

    Psychotherapy is a committment to making a difference but needs to come with a warning. Be prepared to be stirred up, shaken out, scooped up and slowly put back together again. The move towards wholeness is not for the faint hearted. thank goodness for the love and care of our therapist guides along this gruelling journey. Worthwhile? What was that about don’t quit? Accessing our depths is also accessing our strengths. And we sure need all the strength we can muster.Perhaps we can all send out thoughts of strength to each other, via the internet ether.

  8. shirley

    Not if you are looking for a quick fix.

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