Looking for the good in people

Good samaritan I came across an article about Human Goodness this morning, that got me thinking about how difficult it is for many survivors of abuse to hold on to the goodness in people. You only have to watch the latest news on TV or open the newspaper: you see human cruelty, mayhem, and disaster wherever you look. You only have to let your mind drift back in time to when you have been hurt … and think about all the other millions of people who have been victimized. Looking through this kind of a lens is producing a dark, grim picture.

The article reminded me that there are lots of little moments – and probably big moments as well – that might go unnoticed when we see through glases coloured by hurt and negativity. Maybe people are intrinsically good and we get distracted by the stink of a few rotten apples?

How about you conduct your own research and spend the next few weeks looking for the signs of goodness in people: the smile of a sales person, the driver that gives way to let you join the traffic, the friend who rings you up to see  how you are, the person who texts you 'thinking of you', the stranger who bends down to pat a dog tied to a tree.

The outpooring of compassion for the families of the lost miners in Southland has been one  of the examples where human goodness is so boldly visible. Go onto the facebook  site 'supporting the Pike River Miners' – 101600 people have shown their support.

I love to hear about your experiences of having found the 'good in people'.



Staying Safe Over The Holidays


The Christmas season is known as the ‘Merry Season’, the season of good-will where people come together with loved ones, families, and friends. Preparing for such gatherings, people buzz from shop to shop to presents, decorations for their home, and food. (Did I say cookies, chocolates, Stollen, and marzipan?)

For survivors, however, the holiday season can be anything but joyful. For some this time of the year triggers memories of abuse and they can feel stressed, anxious, depressed, or even suicidal. While that is often hard to avoid, it is possible to take some precautions to make this time as safe as possible. Here are some tips:

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