ACC: 6 Months After The Review

Almost 6 months have passed since the Independent Review came out about the state of affairs regarding the hotly disputed ‘New Clinical Pathway’. Since then the ‘sexual abuse community’ (if you can call it that) has been holding its breath waiting for the changes to be implemented.

Unless something slipped through my radar, nothing has changed. There have been no official announcements that the demanded changes have been actioned upon. The proven policy of ‘wait quietly and see, the opposition will run out of steam’ has again shown to be the most effective. Continue reading by following this link.

Letter To My Younger Self

Today I came across a lovely blog post from a fellow blogger. The title was “Letter to My Younger Self”. I became curious to see what Rachel (the blogger) wrote. (The post is no longer life anymore.) Those of you who know me will understand that: I hold the strong belief that a big part of the recovery journey is to find a place of compassion, love, understanding, respect, and appreciation for the younger SELF who managed to cope with the abuse.

When I make this statement I hear frequently “Yes, maybe, BUT see how much I am struggling, see how much I am in pain, see how difficult it is to reverse the dissociation”. The way the younger Self coped is creating a whole lot of problems today.

My counter-argument is usually: The younger You coped with something horrendously difficult and confusing the best way s/he could. S/he did so with the limited resources and understanding a child has; often with barely any support. You can now, as an adult, make the necessary changes.

However, the first step is to give recognition to the child in the form of love, care, respect, understanding, appreciation. It won’t be long until one by one your problems will start melting away.