Goodbye Dear Jacqui


Christian_lb0007 The unthinkable has happened! A very much loved and admired member of our support group has cruelly been robbed of a promising future, has been torn away from her family and her friends. Has been torn away from us.

Her commitment to healing the past and embracing all the different parts of herself was a glowing example to all of us. Her love and support for others seemed to flow from an inexhaustible well deep inside her. Words can not express how much she will be missed. Jacqui loved angels – she sure will be one of them now!

What happened to Jacqui affirms what this site is all about: We have to stop the violence against women, men, and children. We have to – the cost is too high!


One thought on “Goodbye Dear Jacqui

  1. V says:

    I have been thinking of Jacqui a lot and how she is still not here with us. It is still doesn’t make sense and the injustice of it is just as hard to swallow. There is still nothing we can do to help her. I have also been remembering her strength, her vibrancy and her wisdom. I am inspired by her healing journey often . I feel an obligation in her honor to keep pushing forward in my own healing even when its tough because i still have the opportunity to and she sadly had that taken from her.

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